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Admist a city's rich culinary and cultural heritage, Chef Colucci showcases her expertise and impeccable taste.

The name 'Anima' meaning 'soul' in Italian, beautifully encapsulates the essence of Chef Paola's creations.

The menu, influenced by the diverse regional cuisines of Italy, offers a delectable à la carte selection that honors the seasonal bounty of local ingredients. Guests can anticipate a symphony of flavors in signature dishes like the renowned Vitello Tonnato: a Mediterranean masterpiece that features tender vealslices and raw yellowfin tuna bathed in tuna sauce, enriched with Pantelleria capers and dedicate bread wafers.


  • Anima Restaurant Rome
    Anima Restaurant

    The Yves Klein Blue Room

    The Yves Klein blue room is adorned with custom velvet furniture in the captivating blue hue. French windows with bronze frames allow guests to view the well-lit garden. Eight specially commissioned blue paintings by Johina Garcia-Concheso, in the style of Rothko, complete the enchanting ambiance.
  • Anima Restaurant Rome
    Anima Restaurant

    The Chartreuse Room

    The Chartreuse room offers a unique dining experience with plush velvet furnishings. An open kitchen connects Chef Paola Colucci to diners, and a display wall features 115 captivating black and white photographs by renowned paparazzi photographer Elio Sorci, capturing the glamour of 1950s Rome. 
    Courtesy of Camera Press Archive. © Camera Press
  • Anima Restaurant Rome
    Anima Restaurant

    Al fresco courtyard

    Anima opens to a charming courtyard for outdoor dining, a lush oasis with over 400 flourishing plants, climbing vines, teak benches, and Italian-style lanterns, evoking a Roman garden vibe.